Natural Ways To Stop Menstruation

Published: 05th June 2009
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Menstruation occurs in females every month. Menstruation means bleeding from vagina. It does not comes during pregnancy after giving birth to a child it's automatically starts. Menstruation starts when a girl get matured or in puberty time when a girl start changes in sex hormones.

It takes three to seven days. In a female body ovaries contain eggs during periods it gets matured because of hormones circulation in a blood. After releasing these eggs women start bleeding. Some women have their periods on time but some like have gaps in a month. They may be having menstrual disorder. It is because of stress, anemia and illness. There are many antibiotics available in the market to stop the menstruation. But these antibiotics can harm to our body.

Causes of menstrual problem

Here are some causes which affects menstruation

We can say that menstrual cycle is not a easy and normal process of every girl or women because menstruation problems are very common now days it has several causes like:

1- First cause is failure of ovulation which causes the menstrual problem.

2- Thyroid disease is another big problem for menstrual disorder

3- Another big problem is period pain(amenorrhagia) which causes problem during periods

4- Another big cause is excessive flow during the mense

5- Some another factors which causes the problem are like: overweight , underweight , stress & excessive workout are some causes which effects menstrual cycle

6- Genetic problem can also the major cause of menstrual problem

Some Natural Ways To Stop Menstruation

Many females faced heavy bleeding during menstruation. There are many natural ways to stop heavy bleeding like avoid or less intake of sugar and sweet products during period. This will helps you in stopping heavy bleeding. Secondly, exercises are more beneficial and play an utmost important role to stop excess bleeding. Exercise also gives relaxation and energy. It also gives oxygen to the brain. Yoga is also works in stopping excess and painful menstruation. Yoga is not only beneficial to stop heavy bleeding but all over your body. Try to take and learn some postures.

During periods it's good to consume juices and raw fruits and fresh vegetables like apples and cucumber. Add juice of raw apple in vinegar and add water consume once in a day it will help in reducing excess bleeding. If there is excess pain it also helps in reducing the pain.

Consume nutritious diet and avoid spicy food. Eat fresh vegetables. It will increase your energy.

Drink water as much as you can at least 8 to 10 glasses in a day. It helps in reducing pain.

Coriander seeds are also good in stopping heavy bleeding. You may consume tea of coriander seeds. It is good treatment for excessive bleeding.

Avoid antibiotics as they have many side effects. They can effect to your body. You may feel fatigue.

Apart from this females have to take care themselves in this time. Menstruation also effect by stress or depression so try to indulge you in reading books or in some good activities.

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