Irregular Menstruation Natural Treatment - You Can Treat Irregular Menstruation

Published: 02nd March 2009
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If you are looking for irregular menstruation natural treatment, look no further but herbal treatment. This is because herbs have become an increasingly popular as natural therapy for common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), including cramps and bloating. Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs have been touted as being very beneficial in treating many menstruation problems, like irregular menstruation, as well as tackling other common menstrual troubles like irritating nature, anger, menstrual cramps and pains in pelvic and back region.

But how exactly do herbs can be used as irregular menstruation natural treatment and also what types of herbs act best in treating different menstruation issues and its associated conditions?

There are some specific herbs used as irregular menstruation natural treatment since they have capability to restore the female hormones and also to calm down their aggressive moods.
For instance the following menstrual problems and menstrual symptoms can be treated using the following natural herbs:

· Menstrual cramps: The herbs like false unicorn root and cramp bark are reported to reduce and relieve cramps associated with PMS and thus can bring PMS relief. Red raspberry is another herb which can relieve the menstrual cramps. These herbs can be particularly helpful for women who have dysmenorrhea. Ayurvedic herb Jatamansi is especially helpful for the conditions associated with menstruation.

· Heavy periods: Herbs such as shepherd's purse, yarrow, and nettles help to reduce heavy bleeding as they direct the flow of blood away from the pelvic region. Women who have been suffering from chronically heavy menstruation, known as menorrhagia, are prime indications to get benefited from healing properties of such herbs.

· Irregular periods: The women who suffer from irregular periods, a condition whose medical term is oligomenorrhea, there are plenty of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs that can help to regulate their menstruation periods. Such herbs include jatamansi, ashoka, blue cohosh, ginger and skullcap and kumari. Parsley is also reported to check irregular or absent periods.

Irregular menstruation natural treatment also includes some holistic healing techniques (such as holistic exercises like yoga and Pranayama) that help in calming down the aggressive mood and also to check out the imbalance in the female hormones. Generally, the herbs that contain healing properties help alleviating more than one health problems. Because herbs work in a both ways; they prevent and treat a variety of illnesses, diseases and conditions including menstruation problems. Herbs are also said to treat a person's overall physical and emotional health and not only some particular symptoms.

Irregular menstruation natural treatment can be achieved by consuming some herbal products. But herbs work best when they are accompanied with some other natural therapies such as including a healthy diet and balanced fitness programs. In this way, a woman suffering from menstruation problems can also get benefited of some other illnesses like:-

· Depression

· Stress

· Insomnia

· Headache

· Muscle tension and pain

· Anxiety
In any case, if the menstruation problems are not relieved using natural therapies, one should immediately rush to some gynecologist to find out the underlying cause, which could be serious and may require some surgical approach.

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