How to Stop Menstruation, Treatments for Menstruation

Published: 29th June 2009
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Menstruation is a problem occurs only in females every month. Menstrual cycle means bleeding from vagina because when a girl changes her sexual hormones in a puberty time. In females ovaries they have eggs and during menstrual cycle they get matured as hormones circulating. After releasing an egg woman starts bleeding. Menstruation remains for 3 to 7 days. There are many disorders related to menstrual cycle faced by many women like heavy bleeding, painful, lack of periods and gaps in menstruation. There are many factors effecting menstrual cycle like stress, illness, over weight, hormonal imbalance and anemia. Menstruation does not occur during pregnancy.

Treatments for Menstruation

There are many medications treatments are available but there is no such treatment to deal with menstruation permanently. Pills like contraceptive can stop menstruation temporary. But these pills have many side effects like excess vaginal discharge and many health problems.

Many females faced excessive bleeding and painful during menstrual cycle. There are many effective methods to slow down the bleeding like drinking water. Consume water as much as you can it will help you to slow down the bleeding and also helps to cleaning the infection through urine and as well as to your over all health. Other effective method to slow down the bleeding is exercises and yoga. Exercises and practicing yoga is also not helpful to slow down the bleeding as well as it gives freshness and energy to your brain and also proper blood circulation. Prayanam posture is the very good for slow down the bleeding.

Some females face the lack of menstruation or gaps in menstruation. This problem mostly occurs when a person is over weight and hormonal imbalance and also when a person is smoking. There various method to get menstruation on time like take a balance diet or nutritious diet and avoid spicy food. Also avoid junk food and bakery products. Try to reduce weight. Also decrease or eliminate sugar and sweets of all kind. It also helpful in slow down the bleeding. Consume raw fruits and fresh vegetables like make salad and consume. It will fill the gaps in menstruation and also helpful in reducing excessive bleeding and also reduce pain.

Herbs for Menstruation

Coriander seeds are very effective method to reduce the excessive bleeding. Consume coriander seeds as tea. Foods which are highly rich in calcium this will help you in lessen the bleeding as well as pain. Try to avoid starchy and high cholesterol food. Fruits like papaya and safflower seeds if consume then very effective and helps in lessen the bleeding.

Try to avoid reduce to consume antibiotics during menstrual cycle. During menstruation your abdomen needs heat tries to avoid cold food and take bathe in luke warm water. If you are suffering from excess bleeding try to take rest and take care of personal hygiene. During menstrual cycle if you are discomfort try to divert your mind by reading good books or thoughts and by watching television.

There is herbal treatment to stop menstruation like parsley herb is very well known and easily available. It helps in reducing the excess bleeding.

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