How to Best Absorb Vitamin C Supplements

Published: 21st May 2009
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Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and it is a brilliant source of antioxidants that can offer innumerable health advantages when it is consumed with the supplements of Vitamin C. These supplements are very much useful to keep the adrenal gland functioning healthy and also for the tissue repair and gums and for the general growth of the body.

Vitamin C supplements has the capabilities to fight for the body against the damaging effects of the harmful environmental effects like pollution as and other sources that helps the body to manufacture the interferon and anti stress hormones. The body requires these supplements of Vitamin C for the metabolism of phenylalanine, folic acid and tyrosine.

Supplements of Vitamin C can help to control the high blood pressure conditions. Other differences researched related to taking the Vitamin C supplements are its effectiveness to decrease the amount of lipid levels and cholesterol. This way it also helps to take care of the hazardous conditions such as atherosclerosis.

The more benefits available from the Vitamin C supplements include that it protects the body from the various kind of infections; it also protects against cancerous growth and can enhance the immune system. It also helps to increase the capability of the body to absorb the iron. It is very much important in order to from the collagen and it helps to protect blood clotting and bruising. Ascorbic acid can help in order to heal the wounds and also helps in some problems like stomatitis.

Reports shows that there are numerous advantages of taking Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements together, because of the fact that they work synergistically. They augment and reinforce each other's anti oxidant properties. In short, these vitamins works together to produce the higher effects in comparison to their separate usage. Vitamin C supplements can help to get rid of oxidants in the form of free radical and this way it saves the body cells and tissues.

If you don' take the Vitamin C supplements in the enough amount, your body may suffer the disease that occurs because of Vitamin C supplements i.e. ascorbic acid and then there can be signs of deficiencies of such vitamins. It is very much likely to have the infections like poor digestions, colds, bronchial infections and joint pains. Other signs of deficiency of vitamin C are exhaustion without any kind of work, tendency to bruise easily, lack of concentration, delayed wound healing, tendency to bruise easily, lack of energy and dullness.

It is also a known fact that the deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to the disease like scurvy. Such conditions are not seen commonly in the western countries. Scurvy has the features like severe debility, soft spongy bleeding gums, hemorrhages beneath the skin, delayed wound healing and edema.

Beside Vitamin C supplements, ascorbic acid can also be taken from the particular diet. However, it is very much important t know that human body is not able to produce the ascorbic acid and most of the ascorbic acid consumed by a person is excreted with the urine as ascorbic acid is water soluble vitamin. So, it is very important to take the regular intake of Vitamin C supplements to keep the body healthy, fit and fine.

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