Firm Breasts - Get rid of Saggy Breasts

Published: 12th May 2009
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Firm and beautiful breasts are gift of nature, which every woman wants. To keep the breast healthy and beautiful you have to take care of your breasts. From childhood to younger stage of life breasts suffer from different hormonal changes, so if you don't care your breasts properly you can not get firm and healthy breasts and breasts become loose and shapeless so proper care of breasts are very important in growing stage of your life.

Firm breasts looks very attractive and these firm breasts give women's body perfection so there are many ways to keeps the breasts healthy and firm

Exercises to keep the breasts healthy

There are some exercises which are very helpful to keep your breasts healthy and beautiful. Breasts have no muscles so you can not increase or decrease breast sizes with only exercise you have to take proper diet and you have to do proper exercises.

1- if your breasts are heavy and you want to reduce your breasts just lay down to the ground and open up your arms and bend your knees and automatically your body weight came on to your chest and do this process for 10 to 15 minutes

2- other exercise is push up exercise in this exercise you have to lay down on to the ground and place your palms on the floor and without touching ground you have to lift your body and continuously lift your body for 10 to 15 push ups this exercise will definitely helps you

3- other exercise is butterfly press for this exercise you have to sit on to the edge of the chair and raise our arms slowly and hold your arms at same position for 10 to 15 seconds and after that return your arms in same position and do this exercise in proper way regularly

4- other exercise is just hold weight in your hands and raise your arms slowly and return after few seconds and continuously do this exercise it will give shape to your busts.

These exercises definitely helps you to make your breasts firm attractive and beautiful, so regular exercise and also morning walk is very helpful for healthy breasts

Diet for firm breasts

With proper exercise proper diet ids very important for firm breasts, if your diet is not good it will effect your body and breasts and you breast become loose and shapeless, so healthy diet gives your breasts sexy and attractive shape that's why eat healthy diet which gives your body nutrition

Some other ways to make your breasts firm

There are also some other ways which makes your breasts attractive like push up bras which gives a bigger look to breasts and make the breasts attractive

- There are some pills are available in the markets which are helpful to make your breasts firm and attractive, but if you want to take these pills you have to consult the doctors. Other option is breast surgery which is helpful to make the beasts firm and give the breasts proper shape and there are some herbs are very good for breast firming .with this you can make breasts attractive and sexy

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