Abnormal Vaginal Discharge, Natural Treatments for Vaginal Discharge

Published: 08th July 2009
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Some vaginal discharge is normal in females during or after menstruation and after pregnancy. Vaginal discharge means secretion comes out from sexual organ. Abnormal vaginal discharge can be caused due to some infections like firstly; bacterial vaginosis it is caused by gardnerelle vaginosis bacteria means excessive growth of bacteria. Secondly, yeast infection, as in normal vaginal discharge small amount of yeast is present but excessive growth of yeast caused abnormalities vaginal discharge.

Thirdly trichomoniasis it is an infection caused by organism called trichomonas vaginalis. Vaginal discharge is normal if there is no itching, burning, thick pasty like cottage cheese and foul smell. If there are any symptoms mentioned above then you are infected by some of these infections. Vaginal discharge is of many colors like white, yellow, brown, green, grayish and pink. When secretion comes out from sexual organ then secretion turns their color when they expose to the air.

Abnormal vaginal discharge is also caused due to physical or any mental stress like depression, emotional stress, and lack of sleep, worries, hormonal imbalance and illness. Vaginal discharge also caused due to over weight, excess workouts, excessive usage of medications and excessive consuming of alcohols, drugs and smoking. Vaginal discharge also caused due to sexual excitement. There are many pills and creams are offered to deal with abnormal vaginal discharge but these medications can cause side effects. So always recommend to go for natural and herbal treatments as they do not have any side effects. They can also treat your over all health.

Some natural treatment to deal with abnormal vaginal discharge

The very first step to deal with any kind of infection is changing your diet it will help you a lot. Take a nutritious diet and avoid food that contains yeast like bread, red meat and mushroom. Drink water as much as you can. Water helps you to deal with any infection. It helps to clean the infection through urine.

Exercises and yoga also help you to deal with the abnormal vaginal discharge infection. It improves the flow of blood circulation to the body and keeps you over all healthy. By practicing yoga it will help you to lessen your stress, depression and emotional stress.

If you are infected by abnormal vaginal discharge then avoid using vaginal douches.

Avoid products like vaginal lubrication it can irritate your genital area and cause red rashes. Also avoid products like soaps, bubble bathe, deodorants, perfumes and scented toilet papers. It can cause red rashes and itching to you genital area.

Avoid or eliminate alcohols, drugs and smoking. Also eliminate sugar and sweets of all kind.

If itching is present then avoid scratching.

While treating with abnormal vaginal discharge avoid sexual intercourse as it is sexual transmitted diseases. You can use condoms also.

Avoid excess usage of medications.

Always use panty liners or cotton panties. Cotton helps your genital areas to breathe and as it is continuous vaginal discharge cotton helps you to keep dry. Also take care of your personal hygiene as there is continuous vaginal discharge so take bath regularly.

There are some herbs which are very effective to deal with abnormal vaginal discharge.

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